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Game Prediction Dallas vs. Skins

I go into this game with less enthusiasm than any Dallas vs. Washington game. The team smells of failure and the problems just keep stacking up. Problems faced this week is Laron Landry’s injury, the offensive line becoming even more injured (how that is possible I don’t even know) and we still are left with Rex Grossman as our starting quarterback. On the Dallas side they come to town after an absolute romping of the Buffalo Bills (team we got shut out by). The Redskins defence has been the heroes of the season, holding teams from the brink of blowouts and actually keeping the games partially interesting (emphasis on the partially). The Dallas defence has improved all season with the always intimidating presence of DeMarcus Ware. This is a mismatched game, with a talentless team facing a team that seems to be on the unfortunate rise.

Prediction time: Cowboys: 24 Redskins: 13

The game wont be the blowout everyone is predicting, but it will be a complete victory for the Cowboys. DeMarco Murray will tear the defense up, Romo will have a solid game, Kerrigan and Orakpo have a sack each, Tashard Choice gives the best running game of a skin in weeks with 80 yards, Rex Grossman continues to suck. This is a sad day in Redskins history, it’s the first time that a fan predicting victory against our hated rivals will be considered crazy. 

Game Prediction

The Eagles come to town with a 1-4 record, a far cry from the “dream team” expected. The run defence is what was expected, terrible, But the all harolded pass defence has been extremely vulnerable. The Eagles offense has produced but is inconsistent. They are figuring out what us Skins fans have many times, you cannot buy a championship.

Score Prediction: Redskins 24 Eagles 21

Another heart attack pack finish, it’ll be close and back and forth but I fully believe the Redskins can pull this one out, Grossman will be under pressure all game but give a reasonable effort. The running game will be huge in this game, Torain, Hightower, and Helu all getting over 40 yards. Defence will be solid with a couple sacks, but as always a big play will likely be given up, as always I expect the Redskins to pull out a victory, HAIL

Predict Stats

Grossman-20/32 215 yards 1 TD

Torain-15 carries 85 yards 1 TD

Hightower-10 carries 52 yards

Helu-8 carries 40 yards 1 TD

Moss-3 rec 55 yards

Davis-4 rec 72 yards 1 TD

Prediction Time

Redskins 24 Rams 10

I feel like this is the Game the Skins will redeem themselves with.

Key Stat projections

Grossman: 24/36 246 yards 2 TD’s 0 INT’s

Hightower: 23 carries 86 yards 1 TD

Helu: 8 carries 42 yards

Moss: 5 catches 70 yards 1 TD

Davis: 6 catches 85 yards

Cooley: 3 catches 40 yards

Orakpo: 1.5 sacks

Kerrigan: .5 sacks


Predicting the ways we score

1st quarter:

TD and TD

2nd quarter:

no scores

3rd quarter:

field goal

4th quarter:


Game 3: Prediction Time

Redskins 27 Cowboys 20

The Redskins never win a game that isn’t close. This game will be no different. The game will be a hard-fought game with a lot of shoving and fighting in the trenches.

Scoring Guess:

Romo to Jason Witten-1st quarter

Grossman to Fred Davis-1st quarter

Hightower 10 yard run-2nd quarter

Gano Field Goal-end of half

Romo to Dez Bryant-3rd quarter

Cowboys field goal

Grossman to Moss-4th quarter

Cowboys field goal

Gano field goal

Predicted Stats:

Romo-22/37 256 yards 2 TD’s and 1 INT

Grossman-25/34 267 yards 2 TD’s and 1 INT

Hightower-22 Attempts 102 yards 1 TD

Helu-8 Attempts 52 yards

Moss-6 catches 88 yards TD

Davis-4 catches 68 yards TD


Laron Landry-Sack


Pre Game Prediction Time

The Cardinals are the type of team that in years past has been a loss. This is a good time for the Skins to prove we are different. The Cardinals have that main weakness that you think the Redskins can easily dissect. The secondary is so weak allowing 423 yards to a rookie. Can Rex Grossman unleash his furry on the Cardinals or will he go back to being his turnover inaccurate ways? Will our Offensive Line step it up and show improvement from last week? Will our defensive do reasonably well against L Fitz?

I feel like if we have Good Rex Grossman and we have a solid offensive line with the defense we saw last week we will have a great shot at a win.

Official Prediction: Redskins 24-17

 Game Summary: Tight Game throughout with frustration as usual but the Redskins pull it out with a 4th quarter surge

 HTTR enjoy the game fans



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