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Redskins Win! Good and Bad

It’s a great day to be a Redskins fan. The Redskins opened the season with a 28-14 victory on the shoulders of Rex Grossman, a good pass rush, and timely mistakes by the Giants.

Key Stats:

Rex Grossman: 21/34 305 yards 2 touchdowns

Fred Davis: 5 catches 105 yards

Chris Neild: 2 sacks

Ryan Kerrigan: Key interception

The Good:

The Passing game: Grossman and the Redskins widerecievers were able to eat apart the Giant depleted zone defense, The widerecievers had crisp routes throughout the game and were open throughout

The rookies: Kerrigan represented big being around the ball the whole game and a momentum shifting interception. Chris Neild brought huge penetration from the nosetackle position bringing 2 sacks, boy I don’t miss Albert Haynesworth one bit! Brandyn Thompson saw some action as a slot defensive back and didn’t give up plays, a great thing to see, that little experience is key for the future.

Bowen and Coefield: I like the push on the line they had, they were key in some important stops

Sav Rocca: Boy I love saying that name, 6 punts with 4 inside the 20, that great

The Bad:

Reed Doughty: I really thought he wouldn’t be a liability, but he showed he really is with some terrible blown coverage, Reed is valuable with his special teams skills alone but he just isn’t a NFL starter, LL needs to get healthy

Offensive Line: I really was expecting more, it seemed like Hightower didn’t have the lanes he wanted and Rex was on his ass for what it seemed to be 80 % of the time, hopefully some kinks get worked out, but this will obviously be a weakness throughout the year (Trent Williams deserves mention here as a player who really stood out to me to struggle, he was constantly out matched)

Graham Gano: perfect in the preseason and choker when it means something, I’m seriously tired of it, step up or your out

Will Montgomery’s Snaps: they seemed to be all over the place, he really needs to get his snaps down, It’s only a matter of time until Rex drops some, we can’t afford stupid mistakes such as that

Look to next week: At Home vs. The Cardinals, game preview later in the week


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