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Back from the bye:Game Keys

Stop Vick-Obvious one right here. Vick is what runs the Eagle offense. If we manage to stop Vick and that’s a fairly large if, then we stop the Eagles offense. Vick struggles with recognizing pressure so I expect Haslett to produce plenty of confusing formations. But we cannot over blitz, we can not allow many Quarterback runs. Vick is already a weak passer so the only way he will truly beat us is if he runs and jukes us out of his mind.

Run the ball-We have 3 extremely talented runningbacks, Ryan Torain for his power and drive, Hightower for his solid cutbacks, and Helu for his speed and change of pace. To the weak Eagles defence, this is the 3 headed monster from hell. The key to victory isn’t giving Grossman the chance to make mistakes, it’s giving our runningbacks the chance to make plays.

Brandon Banks must improve-He is just not the same last year, is it the new rule? Other elite kick returners have had no trouble with this rule. Brandon needs to be giving us more production on returns, if he doesn’t you have to wonder if there really is a place for a guy that can only return.

Less Penalties-The Rams game was heavy in penalties, the Skins cannot afford to shoot themselves in the foot.

Trent Williams vs. Trent Cole-This is a key matchup, when Grossman is under pressure he makes mistakes, so thus we need to protect him from one of the best pass rushers in the league. This is the preview to the future, Trent will be facing Cole until one of their contracts runs out, can Trent finally prove worthy of his high selection?

Brown vs. Babin-Babin graces Fed Ex field with his presence today. Key matchup of the game. If Brown does not match up well Grossman will be on his face constantly and well you cannot win when such a thing is happening


Game Keys Time

The Redskins go up against the Rams after a pathetic loss to the hated Cowboys. The Rams have many problems that will be revealed and the Redskins need to earn their redemption against them.

1) Get Pressure on the QB-The Rams offensive line is one of the worst in the league. I expect Haslett to go big with blitzes all day. Sam Bradford is the most hit quarterback in the NFL. I don’t see why the would change against our Kerrakpo combo with a heavy dose of safety blitz’s. The Redskins can’t under achieve against this unit, the Redskins must capitalize on weakness.

2) Grossman needs to halt the turnovers-Ever sense week 1,  Grossman has been who we all thought he was. A reasonable QB who fumbles like no other. Grossman clearly has trouble seeing pressure on his blind side. To be successful he has to protect the ball, all he needs to do is throw another hand on that ball instead of putting it out there as a sweet delicious treat the other team can have.

3) Brandon Banks needs to breakout-Brandon Banks is solely on this team to make big plays, mainly to get that kickoff past that 20 yard line. Banks has been an extremely average returner thus far, disappointing because it is his job, We need the huge flashes of brilliance we had in the preseason. But in all reality it isn’t all on Banks, the kickoff blocking team needs to improve majorly, get on that Danny Smith.

4) Deangelo Hall needs to stop getting beat-The secondary has been solid so far, Josh Wilson has been playing great, Landryplayed well for his first game back, and OJ has made some very good plays. Then you look at Hall, the man who on every big play we’ve given up, he was the guy covering. Hall gives far too much room for the receiver to get the pass. Last year was the same deal but we let it go because of his interceptions. Well he isn’t getting interceptions so thus he looks terrible. Time to step it up Deangelo Hall.

5) Chris Chester needs to step it up-Chris Chester allowed 6 QB hurries on Monday night. That isn’t just bad that is absolutely horrible. Chester needs to stop getting pushed around or he could easily lose his job, showing another waisted 20 million dollars. Chester is heard of for his athleticism, that I havent even seen. It would benefit the team for him to get to his successful level.

Its Monday Night! Game Keys

1: Hit Tony Romo-Rib injuries hurt and the more pain we cause Romo the harder his throws will be. I expect Haslett to send some huge elaborate blitz’s against the fairly weak Dallas Oline. Look for Orakpo and Kerrigan to be in the backfield a lot. I also expect some safety blitzes with Laron Landry able to play.

2: Avoid penalties-This goes hand in hand with the first key. They of course are going to hit the injured quarterback. But you have to avoid the unnecessary roughness penalties! The refs will be on alert, the eyes will be on our players thanks to Deangelo Hall opening his huge mouth. The stadium will be loud, so we must avoid false starts and the mental errors that haunt us. The Redskins are a highly penalized team and with the heightened tensions we can’t make mistakes.

3: Get the run established and stay with it! The Redskins for the first halves have been very pass heavy. Hightower has averaged only around 30 yards the last 2 games in the first halves. If we get the run established with Tim and Helu early our passing game will be at full speed. The Dallas defence has one threat tonight, D. Ware. If we can somehow stop him there is absolutely nothing that worries me about their defence.

4: Williams vs. Ware-Williams has looked very average this season and he really needs to step up to the NFL sack leader. The Redskins will have ample double teams throughout the game but when Williams is on his own he has to impress or else it may be a long night for Grossman.

5: Feed off the energy-This is a Dallas Skins rivalry game boys, they have to come to the hoop strong and they have to keep the game intensity at a high level. We have to keep strong mentally!

9/18 Game Keys

1: We need to prevent long gains-Reed Doughty is starting…..again, he needs to learn from his mistakes last week. Any gain over 20 yards is unacceptable. The Cardinal offense is open and built for stretching the field and with L Fitz there’s a big threat of a huge gain or a long touchdown. Reed needs to make sure he is there to support Deangelo Hall or Josh Wilson when needed. Kevin Kolb is no Tom Brady (although he is paid like one) if we give tight coverage he will have a tough time getting passes on Target. The goal is tight coverage like always.

2: establishing the run: It was over a month ago that we traded an aging defensive lineman that would have been cut for a starting runningback that is primed for a breakout year. If we manage to establish the run we will pull a lot of pressure off of Rex Grossman. If we want to maintain a successful offense we will have to average a whole lot more than 2.9 yards per attempt. We need the runs that we saw in the preseason. In my opinion I also think it would be good to see Roy Helu gain a couple more carries or touches.

3: No turnovers: We cannot turnover the ball, that’s what made Grossman so impressive last week. He was going against his career stereotype, lacking the riskiness that we all hate, that has caused 40 interceptions in his career. If he can have another game without turnovers our offense shouldnt miss a beat.

4: Graham Gano: Can the dude make a field goal? I swear I cringe when he kicks an extra point. If the games on the line can we trust him to slam it through the up rights? Good question

5: Pass Protection: The Cardinals are a defense heavy with blitz packages. Our pass protection is key. Last week versus a crippled Giants defensive line we saw Grossman constantly on his ass. Our starting offensive line were constantly getting beat by backups. Trent Williams was a huge disappointment showing slow feet and he was clearly beat often. Trent and the overall offensive line needs to be prepared to face a solid defensive line. When Rex is under pressure he makes more mistakes, Key number 3. Come on Shanny prove to me having these light athletic lineman was worth it.

9/11 Giants vs. Redskins game keys

The time has come fans, the first game of the regular season, a NFC East grudge match between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins. Both teams different from the last, confident that they will win, both with expectations of a world championship. What are the keys that can shift momentum?

5 Keys to the Game for the Redskins to win:

1: Quarterback play: obvious right? If Rex can lead the offense like a guy who has been in it for 3 years then we should be fairly solid in the passing game. Rex can’t give up easy turnovers and he has to be accurate. Rex needs to take advantage of what fate has given us, a broken down injured Giants defense, if the offense is ran to plan, there should be pretty opportunities for yards, 1st downs, and 3rd down conversions.

2: Offensive Line: Throughout the preseason the line impressed greatly in run blocking but there was simply much to be desired with the pass blocking play. As we all have seen Rex Grossman needs time to be effective. Can our smaller lineman bring physicality to a new level? Can they take advantage of an injured defensive line unit? All are key questions.

3: Can Reed Doughty be good in place of LaRon Landry?

4: Special Teams: Will Gano carry over his preseason success? Will Brandon Banks do his job and give good field position? Will Gano nail each kickoffs into the end zone? Special teams are scoring chances, all Redskins need to capitalize with.

5: Emotion-who wants it more? 9/11 a day that lives in terror, both areas attacked this day 10 years ago. Who will be more driven to make this day worth it for the fans? Who is more driven to honor the fallen? It’s all about the drive

I hope all fans enjoy their day and games tomorrow, god bless the troops, the fallen of the wars and 9/11, safety officials, and any families affected. This day is about more than football, it’s about this amazing country.


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