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If you are reading this post right now than thankyou for being one of the first few to view this newly created website! Let me give some background about the website and me. The website was created September 9th 2011 to bring news and analysis of the team that we all love, the Washington Redskins. The website carries the passion that all Redskins have. You probably ask whats different about this blog from others. I can point out my full knowledge of all aspects of the roster, but I think what really separates me as a blogger is the fact I was just a tiny tot that last time the Redskins won a Superbowl, I’ve grown up in this generation of our team that ultimately lacks glory and reasons to be optimistic. There are no such things as rose-colored glasses in my repertoire, I give the truth and will be completely honest with all fans, I hope you find this refreshing to the everyday homer blogs claiming a Superbowl year, every year, listen ladies and gentlemen, If I ever claim my prediction of a Superbowl for this team then it means that the stars have all aligned to make our dreams come true, I hope you come back and add this to your favorites, and I hope you join in with emails, Facebook likes, twitter follows, and subscriptions, I hope to make a community of the best skins fans in the Capital and around! If your looking for fresh new opinions and commentary, different then the rest, then welcome friends, welcome to Redskins Rave

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