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Commish Flexing His Non Existent Muscles

Yesterday the National Football league laid down a hard penalty that shook throughout the teams. What was expected was backlash against the Saints for the bounty system, but unfortunately the league outrageously penalized the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys for improper Cap usage.

While I admit that I am obviously a Redskins fan, and obviously biased, I can manage to look at this in a neutral manner. Even in a neutral viewpoint I think this is the hugest pot of bull****. The National Football League penalized the Redskins 36 million and the Cowboys 10 million against their caps, completely hampering an exciting off-season that had the Redskins with nearly 40 million in Cap.

What the NFL has done is unprecedented, penalizing a team in a uncapped year, basically placing a cap on an uncapped year. The league has penalized the Redskins and Cowboys for taking advantage of smart financial planning, they at no point broke a written rule. The two teams were penalized for having an unfair advantage on fellow competition, fellow competition that simply did not pursue smart contracts with players.

The NFL had to get approval from the Union to make such penalties. When the Union was faced with their decision, they have been reported to have had two options, no penalties to the accused parties and the Cap amount for each team drops approximately 4 million, or each of the members teams would receive 1.6 million in Cap boost, excluding the Raiders and Saints.

What the league has done is blackmail, threatening each team with a loss of 4 million dollars or a gain of nearly 2 million dollars. The Union of course reluctantly accepted the 1.6 million, thus making it possible to enact penalties upon the Skins and Boys.

In addition, every single transaction of both teams in the 2010 and 2011 years were approved by the league office, as in the very commissioner that is now finding fault with these franchises.

So lets review the facts:

Skins are penalized in an uncapped year, a year in which teams are allowed to do as they wish with the salary cap

All free agent signings of both teams in the league years of 2010 and 2011 were approved by the league office

The fact that 46 million dollars is being given to 28 other teams is naturally unfair, afterall isn’t it fairness that the league is pursuing 

The sequence of events in relation to the League Union was basically blackmail, not allowing the Union to make an intelligent decision. 

These violations, at least in the Redskins case, are for 2 players, 1 who is gone, and one who could easily find himself out the door in the coming days.

There is no written rule

The fact that NFL Network is just now reporting this is fairly suspicious at the very least. 

The league has made a preposterous mistake, penalizing innocent teams. The Cap charges are some of the most severe seen in the history of the league. All facts point to corruption in the league office. This is not about a level playing field, this is about the league flexing its muscles. No matter if biased or not, if a fan of the 2 teams or not, there is one thing that can be concluded, this is Class A Bull***.

The idea of a lawsuit has been offered by several sources, and arguably is justified. Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones have sued for less, it is now within their ballpark, it is their decision on exactly how to react to outrageous action by the NFL.

Bruce Allen’s response:

“The Washington Redskins have received no written documentation from the NFL concerning adjustments to the team salary cap in 2012 as reported in various media outlets. Every contract entered into by the club during the applicable periods complied with the 2010 and 2011 collective bargaining agreements and, in fact, were approved by the NFL commissioner’s office. We look forward to free agency, the draft and the coming football season.”

Hail To The Redskins

Redskins Free Agent Targets Preview 1: (Offensive Projected Targets)

Targets Preview 1 Offense:

Kyle Orton, QB, Chiefs: Orton is a veteran quarterback that could easily fill the seat until RG3 (or luck) is ready. The acquisition of Orton would be more effective then retaining Grossman due to the simple fact that Orton would give us a better chance at some wins until our coveted rookie is ready. Orton would provide a good character to mentor and due to the few options that would offer him starts, he should not be to difficult to convince, while also not being expensive.

Projected Contract: (2 years, 7 million) 

Vincent Jackson, WR, Chargers: The arguably #1 widereciever option in free agency. He is 29, but has not yet shown signs of backing down. The Redskins desperately need a top receiver, and the reports trickling from sources suggest the Redskins to do almost anything to get him. In all honesty, I’ll be very surprised if he is not signed to the Redskins by Wednesday night.

Projected Contract: (4 years, 45 million)

Eddie Royal, WR, Broncos: A less impactful signing, but a type of low risk, high reward acquisition. He produced very effective statistics after being drafted by Shanahan. The simple connection is enough to make me believe in a reuniting of sorts.

Projected Contract: (1 year, 2 million, heavy incentives) 

Samson Satele, G, Raiders: I do not expect the Redskins to be able to acquire Carl Nicks, Ben Grubbs, or Chris Meyers, so Satele is the next best option at only 27 years of age. He helped the Oakland line bulldoze over opposing defenses in 2011. The Redskins will sign a offensive lineman, not allowing RG3 to be behind the current makeup, the only question is who

Projected Contract: (5 years, 30 million)

Preview Number 2 on the defensive side is coming tomorrow 


Credit to FoxSports, checkout their channel

Cant have enough RG3

The Trade That Will Make or Break this Franchise

So as you all are aware, the Washington Redskins sent an earthquake through the NFL with a strategic move into the second pick of the draft.

In the trade with the St. Louis Rams, the Redskins have given the first round picks of the next 3 years (2013, 2014) and the second round pick of this year. So in reality, we have given two first round picks and a second round pick to move up four selections.

The price was steep, garnering a rash of critics, from ESPN insiders, to all around the NFL, and to the arm-chair general managers that call themselves fans.

With that second selection in the draft, the Redskins are expected to choose Robert Griffin III (given that the Colts would do the expected and make Andrew Luck the 1st overall pick). Robert Griffin III comes from Baylor, playing in a spread offense that is considered translatable to the pro offense that the Shanahan’s have implemented. Griffin carries an illustrious college resume to the pros in which he brought Baylor to a bowl game, won the Heisman, and proved to be one of the most athletic quarterbacks in recent memory.

Griffin combines the size of Tebow (well height at least) , he is arguably faster than Micheal Vick (minus the poor character, needless to say I don’t expect griffin to fight any select animals) and he is a very smart guy (graduating with a 3.67 GPA in political science and is currently studying a masters in communications).

Simple reviews of the guy will make any fan excited about him, being that he is the smart and amazing athlete that every fan can root for. But the question is, is he worth this? Is he worth such valuable draft picks? Can he be the franchise quarterback that us as fans have begged for? The Redskins simply cannot continue this trend of awful quarterbacks, we want and need a star as our quarterback, not Grossman, Beck, Ramsey, Brunell, Campbell, and the rest of the dreary list.

Griffin comes into the pros with some of the most pressure that can be put on a young man. So was he worth the price, the future of our franchise? The simple answer is yes, yes a possible franchise quarterback was worth every bit of those draft choices. The Redskins made a calculated risk, a risk that had to be done. Shanahan and Bruce Allen know that in the modern-day NFL, a franchise quarterback is crucial towards success. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a team win with an awful quarterback? This modern age will not see another Ravens team win the Superbowl with the leadership of Trent Dilfer. The Patriots have Brady, the Colts had Manning, the Giants have Eli, the Steelers have Big Ben, the Saints have Brees, the Packers have Rodgers, the Redskins will have RG3, the Colts will have Luck.

The Redskins did not make a mistake, they told the fans that they’re ready to win. They are ready to win under the wings of Robert Griffin III.

School records

  • 2008 Rushing yards by a freshman: 843
  • 2008 Rushing yards by a QB: 843
  • 2008 Rushing yards Per attempt (Game): 20.45 vs. Washington State, (11 for 225 yards)
  • 2008 Rushing TDs (Season): 13 (tied)
  • 2008 Rushing TDs by a QB (Season): 13
  • Rushing TDs by a QB (Career): 23
  • 100-yard Rushing games by QB (Season): 4
  • 100-yard Rushing games by QB (Career): 5


Career Rushing Stats

2011 179 699 3.9 49 10
2010 149 635 4.3 71 8
2009 27 77 2.9 15 2
2008 173 846 4.9 63 13

Career Passing Stats

2011 291 402 72.4 4293 10.7 37 87 6 189.5
2010 304 454 67.0 3501 7.7 22 94 8 144.2
2009 45 69 65.2 481 7.0 4 42 0 142.9
2008 160 267 59.9 2091 7.8 15 61 3 142.0

WACO, TX - DECEMBER 03:  Robert Griffin III #10 of the Baylor Bears looks to pass during a game against the Texas Longhorns at Floyd Casey Stadium on December 3, 2011 in Waco, Texas.  (Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images)

Photo credit goes to Sarah Glenn/Getty Images, found on Bleacher Report


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