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Game Prediction

The Eagles come to town with a 1-4 record, a far cry from the “dream team” expected. The run defence is what was expected, terrible, But the all harolded pass defence has been extremely vulnerable. The Eagles offense has produced but is inconsistent. They are figuring out what us Skins fans have many times, you cannot buy a championship.

Score Prediction: Redskins 24 Eagles 21

Another heart attack pack finish, it’ll be close and back and forth but I fully believe the Redskins can pull this one out, Grossman will be under pressure all game but give a reasonable effort. The running game will be huge in this game, Torain, Hightower, and Helu all getting over 40 yards. Defence will be solid with a couple sacks, but as always a big play will likely be given up, as always I expect the Redskins to pull out a victory, HAIL

Predict Stats

Grossman-20/32 215 yards 1 TD

Torain-15 carries 85 yards 1 TD

Hightower-10 carries 52 yards

Helu-8 carries 40 yards 1 TD

Moss-3 rec 55 yards

Davis-4 rec 72 yards 1 TD

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