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Back from the bye:Game Keys

Stop Vick-Obvious one right here. Vick is what runs the Eagle offense. If we manage to stop Vick and that’s a fairly large if, then we stop the Eagles offense. Vick struggles with recognizing pressure so I expect Haslett to produce plenty of confusing formations. But we cannot over blitz, we can not allow many Quarterback runs. Vick is already a weak passer so the only way he will truly beat us is if he runs and jukes us out of his mind.

Run the ball-We have 3 extremely talented runningbacks, Ryan Torain for his power and drive, Hightower for his solid cutbacks, and Helu for his speed and change of pace. To the weak Eagles defence, this is the 3 headed monster from hell. The key to victory isn’t giving Grossman the chance to make mistakes, it’s giving our runningbacks the chance to make plays.

Brandon Banks must improve-He is just not the same last year, is it the new rule? Other elite kick returners have had no trouble with this rule. Brandon needs to be giving us more production on returns, if he doesn’t you have to wonder if there really is a place for a guy that can only return.

Less Penalties-The Rams game was heavy in penalties, the Skins cannot afford to shoot themselves in the foot.

Trent Williams vs. Trent Cole-This is a key matchup, when Grossman is under pressure he makes mistakes, so thus we need to protect him from one of the best pass rushers in the league. This is the preview to the future, Trent will be facing Cole until one of their contracts runs out, can Trent finally prove worthy of his high selection?

Brown vs. Babin-Babin graces Fed Ex field with his presence today. Key matchup of the game. If Brown does not match up well Grossman will be on his face constantly and well you cannot win when such a thing is happening


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