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Game Keys Time

The Redskins go up against the Rams after a pathetic loss to the hated Cowboys. The Rams have many problems that will be revealed and the Redskins need to earn their redemption against them.

1) Get Pressure on the QB-The Rams offensive line is one of the worst in the league. I expect Haslett to go big with blitzes all day. Sam Bradford is the most hit quarterback in the NFL. I don’t see why the would change against our Kerrakpo combo with a heavy dose of safety blitz’s. The Redskins can’t under achieve against this unit, the Redskins must capitalize on weakness.

2) Grossman needs to halt the turnovers-Ever sense week 1,  Grossman has been who we all thought he was. A reasonable QB who fumbles like no other. Grossman clearly has trouble seeing pressure on his blind side. To be successful he has to protect the ball, all he needs to do is throw another hand on that ball instead of putting it out there as a sweet delicious treat the other team can have.

3) Brandon Banks needs to breakout-Brandon Banks is solely on this team to make big plays, mainly to get that kickoff past that 20 yard line. Banks has been an extremely average returner thus far, disappointing because it is his job, We need the huge flashes of brilliance we had in the preseason. But in all reality it isn’t all on Banks, the kickoff blocking team needs to improve majorly, get on that Danny Smith.

4) Deangelo Hall needs to stop getting beat-The secondary has been solid so far, Josh Wilson has been playing great, Landryplayed well for his first game back, and OJ has made some very good plays. Then you look at Hall, the man who on every big play we’ve given up, he was the guy covering. Hall gives far too much room for the receiver to get the pass. Last year was the same deal but we let it go because of his interceptions. Well he isn’t getting interceptions so thus he looks terrible. Time to step it up Deangelo Hall.

5) Chris Chester needs to step it up-Chris Chester allowed 6 QB hurries on Monday night. That isn’t just bad that is absolutely horrible. Chester needs to stop getting pushed around or he could easily lose his job, showing another waisted 20 million dollars. Chester is heard of for his athleticism, that I havent even seen. It would benefit the team for him to get to his successful level.

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