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Game 3: Prediction Time

Redskins 27 Cowboys 20

The Redskins never win a game that isn’t close. This game will be no different. The game will be a hard-fought game with a lot of shoving and fighting in the trenches.

Scoring Guess:

Romo to Jason Witten-1st quarter

Grossman to Fred Davis-1st quarter

Hightower 10 yard run-2nd quarter

Gano Field Goal-end of half

Romo to Dez Bryant-3rd quarter

Cowboys field goal

Grossman to Moss-4th quarter

Cowboys field goal

Gano field goal

Predicted Stats:

Romo-22/37 256 yards 2 TD’s and 1 INT

Grossman-25/34 267 yards 2 TD’s and 1 INT

Hightower-22 Attempts 102 yards 1 TD

Helu-8 Attempts 52 yards

Moss-6 catches 88 yards TD

Davis-4 catches 68 yards TD


Laron Landry-Sack


Its Monday Night! Game Keys

1: Hit Tony Romo-Rib injuries hurt and the more pain we cause Romo the harder his throws will be. I expect Haslett to send some huge elaborate blitz’s against the fairly weak Dallas Oline. Look for Orakpo and Kerrigan to be in the backfield a lot. I also expect some safety blitzes with Laron Landry able to play.

2: Avoid penalties-This goes hand in hand with the first key. They of course are going to hit the injured quarterback. But you have to avoid the unnecessary roughness penalties! The refs will be on alert, the eyes will be on our players thanks to Deangelo Hall opening his huge mouth. The stadium will be loud, so we must avoid false starts and the mental errors that haunt us. The Redskins are a highly penalized team and with the heightened tensions we can’t make mistakes.

3: Get the run established and stay with it! The Redskins for the first halves have been very pass heavy. Hightower has averaged only around 30 yards the last 2 games in the first halves. If we get the run established with Tim and Helu early our passing game will be at full speed. The Dallas defence has one threat tonight, D. Ware. If we can somehow stop him there is absolutely nothing that worries me about their defence.

4: Williams vs. Ware-Williams has looked very average this season and he really needs to step up to the NFL sack leader. The Redskins will have ample double teams throughout the game but when Williams is on his own he has to impress or else it may be a long night for Grossman.

5: Feed off the energy-This is a Dallas Skins rivalry game boys, they have to come to the hoop strong and they have to keep the game intensity at a high level. We have to keep strong mentally!

Pre Game Prediction Time

The Cardinals are the type of team that in years past has been a loss. This is a good time for the Skins to prove we are different. The Cardinals have that main weakness that you think the Redskins can easily dissect. The secondary is so weak allowing 423 yards to a rookie. Can Rex Grossman unleash his furry on the Cardinals or will he go back to being his turnover inaccurate ways? Will our Offensive Line step it up and show improvement from last week? Will our defensive do reasonably well against L Fitz?

I feel like if we have Good Rex Grossman and we have a solid offensive line with the defense we saw last week we will have a great shot at a win.

Official Prediction: Redskins 24-17

 Game Summary: Tight Game throughout with frustration as usual but the Redskins pull it out with a 4th quarter surge

 HTTR enjoy the game fans


9/18 Game Keys

1: We need to prevent long gains-Reed Doughty is starting…..again, he needs to learn from his mistakes last week. Any gain over 20 yards is unacceptable. The Cardinal offense is open and built for stretching the field and with L Fitz there’s a big threat of a huge gain or a long touchdown. Reed needs to make sure he is there to support Deangelo Hall or Josh Wilson when needed. Kevin Kolb is no Tom Brady (although he is paid like one) if we give tight coverage he will have a tough time getting passes on Target. The goal is tight coverage like always.

2: establishing the run: It was over a month ago that we traded an aging defensive lineman that would have been cut for a starting runningback that is primed for a breakout year. If we manage to establish the run we will pull a lot of pressure off of Rex Grossman. If we want to maintain a successful offense we will have to average a whole lot more than 2.9 yards per attempt. We need the runs that we saw in the preseason. In my opinion I also think it would be good to see Roy Helu gain a couple more carries or touches.

3: No turnovers: We cannot turnover the ball, that’s what made Grossman so impressive last week. He was going against his career stereotype, lacking the riskiness that we all hate, that has caused 40 interceptions in his career. If he can have another game without turnovers our offense shouldnt miss a beat.

4: Graham Gano: Can the dude make a field goal? I swear I cringe when he kicks an extra point. If the games on the line can we trust him to slam it through the up rights? Good question

5: Pass Protection: The Cardinals are a defense heavy with blitz packages. Our pass protection is key. Last week versus a crippled Giants defensive line we saw Grossman constantly on his ass. Our starting offensive line were constantly getting beat by backups. Trent Williams was a huge disappointment showing slow feet and he was clearly beat often. Trent and the overall offensive line needs to be prepared to face a solid defensive line. When Rex is under pressure he makes more mistakes, Key number 3. Come on Shanny prove to me having these light athletic lineman was worth it.

Predicting Pre-Game Inactives: Game 2

With the Cardinals in town, lets predict the inactives

Willie Smith-Like last week he is the lone lineman sitting

Markus White-If by chance Orakpo is out he will be active but Im 100 % confident Orakpo will be in

Donte Stallworth-He is the odd man out and I honestly believe he shouldnt even be on the team, he should be let go for more offensive line depth which to me is more important then a 8th wide reciever

Leonard Hankerson-Niles Paul is still beating him out, Time for Hank to step it up!

DJ Gomes if Landry plays Landry if he is still injured-Lets hope for Landry after Reed Doughty’s play last week

Darrion Scott-Sitting because of the numbers game, if theres an injury he will be called into action

Mike Sellers-Based on last week Logan Paulsen is apparantly impressing the coaches more then Sellers. Whats the point of a 4th tightend/fullback when he doesnt play? Seems like another wasted roster spot

Davis or Cooley? I Choose Both

It’s a rare thing in this league to have two tight ends who have the talent to be perennial probowlers. On one corner you have Fred Davis, pretty much a tall widereciever who lacks the needed blocking skills, on the other corner you have Chris Cooley, fan favorite, tough SOB, and all around well-rounded tightend. What I have recently noticed from the Redskins fan base is a tug of war between whose better. You have the one side claiming the budding star Fred Davis, claiming they love his speed and his hands. The enemy of them are the Cooley fans, holding dear to our beloved #47 who still has the work ethic and the skill to make several more probowls. Well I have decided to be the Ghandi in this, ladies and gentlemen, I want peace, Why can’t we love both tight ends? Why can’t we give Rex “Unleash the Dragon” Grossman the matchup hell which is two strongly skilled tightends. No answer to that folks? Because I am right, With Fred Davis and Cooley combined the Redskins receive an advantage over other teams in this league, one of the few advantages we can actually lay claim to. We have two guys who honestly can have 80-100 yards and multiple touchdowns every game. Fred Davis proved that Sunday receiving 5 receptions for 105 yards. Chris Cooley showed his continued value with solid blocks and 2 catches for 21 yards. Both offer versatility and represent a very valuable chunk of the Redskins Shanny offense. Why should we lose that? Why have trade Cooley threads? Or trade Davis threads? I’m telling you right now, we would have to receive an empire in return for either player, not the 3rd round pick fans were clamoring for, that’s no empire, that’s a colony. Fred Davis is in a key season, his contract season. Davis has been on record many times claiming he wants to be a featured tight end, Davis is a featured tight end in our system with improved stats across the board ahead. The front office is in an easy situation to me, re-sign the guy, keep the best tight end tandem in the NFL in Washington. Heres to Cooley and Davis crossing up the Cardinals defense this week, and heres to them crossing up defenses for years to come. HTTR

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Cheers Redskins Rave

Redskins Win! Good and Bad

It’s a great day to be a Redskins fan. The Redskins opened the season with a 28-14 victory on the shoulders of Rex Grossman, a good pass rush, and timely mistakes by the Giants.

Key Stats:

Rex Grossman: 21/34 305 yards 2 touchdowns

Fred Davis: 5 catches 105 yards

Chris Neild: 2 sacks

Ryan Kerrigan: Key interception

The Good:

The Passing game: Grossman and the Redskins widerecievers were able to eat apart the Giant depleted zone defense, The widerecievers had crisp routes throughout the game and were open throughout

The rookies: Kerrigan represented big being around the ball the whole game and a momentum shifting interception. Chris Neild brought huge penetration from the nosetackle position bringing 2 sacks, boy I don’t miss Albert Haynesworth one bit! Brandyn Thompson saw some action as a slot defensive back and didn’t give up plays, a great thing to see, that little experience is key for the future.

Bowen and Coefield: I like the push on the line they had, they were key in some important stops

Sav Rocca: Boy I love saying that name, 6 punts with 4 inside the 20, that great

The Bad:

Reed Doughty: I really thought he wouldn’t be a liability, but he showed he really is with some terrible blown coverage, Reed is valuable with his special teams skills alone but he just isn’t a NFL starter, LL needs to get healthy

Offensive Line: I really was expecting more, it seemed like Hightower didn’t have the lanes he wanted and Rex was on his ass for what it seemed to be 80 % of the time, hopefully some kinks get worked out, but this will obviously be a weakness throughout the year (Trent Williams deserves mention here as a player who really stood out to me to struggle, he was constantly out matched)

Graham Gano: perfect in the preseason and choker when it means something, I’m seriously tired of it, step up or your out

Will Montgomery’s Snaps: they seemed to be all over the place, he really needs to get his snaps down, It’s only a matter of time until Rex drops some, we can’t afford stupid mistakes such as that

Look to next week: At Home vs. The Cardinals, game preview later in the week

Predicting the Game 1 Inactives

My predictions to get down to 46:

Logan Paulsen-I think Sellers gets the nod for special teams play

Brandyn Thompson-Byron Westbrook gets the nod after a solid preseason, he has more experience and Brandyn is still a little raw

Niles Paul-such a log jam at receiver

Leonard Hankerson- disappointing considering I was so excited about him when drafted, I think he is still to raw to get playing time

Markus White-Rob Jackson gets the nod with more experience

Willie Smith-by far our most raw backup offensive lineman

LaRon Landry-we all know about that hammy

9/11 Giants vs. Redskins game keys

The time has come fans, the first game of the regular season, a NFC East grudge match between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins. Both teams different from the last, confident that they will win, both with expectations of a world championship. What are the keys that can shift momentum?

5 Keys to the Game for the Redskins to win:

1: Quarterback play: obvious right? If Rex can lead the offense like a guy who has been in it for 3 years then we should be fairly solid in the passing game. Rex can’t give up easy turnovers and he has to be accurate. Rex needs to take advantage of what fate has given us, a broken down injured Giants defense, if the offense is ran to plan, there should be pretty opportunities for yards, 1st downs, and 3rd down conversions.

2: Offensive Line: Throughout the preseason the line impressed greatly in run blocking but there was simply much to be desired with the pass blocking play. As we all have seen Rex Grossman needs time to be effective. Can our smaller lineman bring physicality to a new level? Can they take advantage of an injured defensive line unit? All are key questions.

3: Can Reed Doughty be good in place of LaRon Landry?

4: Special Teams: Will Gano carry over his preseason success? Will Brandon Banks do his job and give good field position? Will Gano nail each kickoffs into the end zone? Special teams are scoring chances, all Redskins need to capitalize with.

5: Emotion-who wants it more? 9/11 a day that lives in terror, both areas attacked this day 10 years ago. Who will be more driven to make this day worth it for the fans? Who is more driven to honor the fallen? It’s all about the drive

I hope all fans enjoy their day and games tomorrow, god bless the troops, the fallen of the wars and 9/11, safety officials, and any families affected. This day is about more than football, it’s about this amazing country.

Cooley isnt a slow white guy anymore?

According to Chris Cooley has lost 20 pounds over the offseason. Questions run through my mind when I read this, will Cooley gain speed and become an infinite monster? Will his blocking in the zone blocking system improve? Will he lose his physicality we all know and love? And last but not least is this fat or muscle he lost? If he lost fat and kept his muscle despite his knee then we should expect improved blocking, speed, and most important crisper routes. Maybe he’s feeling the heat from Fred Davis, personally I cant wait to see our shiny new slim Cooley, HTTR!


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